Reservations in the Fryderyk Hotel can be made:

  • in person, at the hotel reception

  • by telephone – (0048) 774210426

  • via our website –

  • by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Making a reservation

The first step to make a reservation is to follow one of the contact methods mentioned above.

Such reservation is due to confirmation and should be regarded only as information concerning room availability. The room chosen will be held until the deposit (40% of the total cost) is received.

Guests are not obliged to make the prepayment and may arrive at the hotel at their own risk. Room availability is not guaranteed in such case.


Booking confirmation

To confirm the reservation the 40% deposit of the total cost must be paid.

The payment is to be made within 7 days from the reservation date. Reservation is not guaranteed until the prepayment is received.


After receiving the money and checking room availability the status of the reservation is changed into confirmed. Guests are informed about the reservation confirmation via email or telephone. The hotel is obliged to prepare the room for the guest’s arrival at 2 p.m. on the day scheduled in the reservation.

In case of a no-show within 24 hours from the time specified in the reservation, the reservation will be cancelled.




Deposit can be paid in three possible ways:

  • in person, at the hotel reception

  • via money transfer

Name of the beneficiary: JBK Joanna Krzemień, ul. Szopena 12, 48-300 Nysa

For payments in Polish zloty (PLN)

Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.

Account number: 04 1090 2590 0000 0001 2338 8096

(The payer is charged all money transfer fees)

  • by credit card

In case of a credit card payment, the hotel charges the cardholder after receiving the following information: - credit card type

- credit card number

- credit card expiry date.

Our hotel possesses a credit card terminal with identification number, therefore, all transactions are signified. All fees are covered by the hotel.

All European credit card types are accepted.

Credit card details can be given via the telephone.

The copy of the credit card terminal printout together with the invoice are kept and given to the guest upon arrival.

Should you have any questions concerning your credit card validity, please contact Pol Card (022 515 3000).


Hotel payment

All guests are obliged to pay for their stay upon arrival even if prepayment has been made beforehand. Payment for the stay in the hotel constitutes a legally binding contract between the guest and the hotel.

In case of an earlier departure from the hotel than specified in the contract, all costs are non-refundable.



In case of a booking cancellation within 14 days prior to arrival the deposit (40%) becomes non-refundable.

If the reservation is cancelled within 30 to 15 days prior to arrival, 100% of the value of the first night stay will be charged.

If the reservation is cancelled over 31 days prior to arrival, no costs apply.


Personal data

Guests making reservations declare that the personal data provided is true and agree to place it in the hotel’s database. This data will be used only in reservation procedures (according to the Data Protection Directive from 28th September 1997).

All guests have the right to control and modify their data.

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